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Pushing the Boundaries of Numerical Weather Prediction with Advanced HPC Technology 

Whiffle, a frontrunner in numerical weather prediction, has partnered with LuxProvide, a leader in High-Performance Computing (HPC). This collaboration harnesses the MeluXina supercomputer from LuxProvide, which features computing capacity of 18 PetaFlops per second, 20 PetaBytes of DDN storage and a scalable architecture. Whiffle can now achieve high-resolution weather simulations over domains as large as 200km x 200km, with the potential for even further expansion. The large capacity of Meluxina also allows for simulations covering long historical periods within a matter of hours. This technological leap is instrumental in addressing the growing demands of today’s wind energy projects, which increasingly require the analysis of greater geographic areas due to the clustering trend in wind farm development. 

At the Forefront of Supercomputing: Whiffle and LuxProvide Transform Weather Prediction Capabilities 

Whiffle uses LuxProvide’s HPC infrastructure to enhance the computational capabilities of its LES technology, enabling high-speed processing of vital weather data (such as wind patterns, turbulence, and wakes) for wind energy projects. MeluXina, the innovative supercomputer, plays a central role with its versatile software ecosystem, designed for scalable HPC, data analytics, and AI. It supports containerized workflows, ensuring efficiency in complex computational tasks. 

A new era in weather prediction 

While artificial intelligence often garners the spotlight in technological innovations, Whiffle’s approach to numerical weather prediction integrates a more complex suite of technologies, with atmospheric physics on modern GPU infrastructures taking center stage. Reflecting on this, Remco remarks, “Our partnership with LuxProvide shows that it’s not all AI that makes for scientific progress; it is a full-scale symphony of sophisticated technologies, playing in perfect harmony.” 

Whiffle B.V. was founded in 2015, starting as a spin out of the Dutch Delft University of Technology. With its roots in science, the company continues to use cutting edge R&D to further develop Large Eddy Simulation (LES) models and its unique implementation on high performance computing systems. This resulted in the world’s first LES based operational weather model that produces highly accurate and ultra high-resolution weather forecasts. Application areas of Whiffle’s model include wind and solar power projects and air quality.  

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