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At LuxProvide, our Corporate Social Responsibility is firmly rooted in two fundamental areas: Education and Environment. With our tech expertise, we are dedicated to empowering communities and championing environmental responsibility.

Our initiatives aim to harness technology for the greater good, ensuring that our advancements in tech also contribute to ecological well-being. This commitment underscores our dedication to fostering significant societal change and promoting the health of our planet, embodying our belief that technological innovation and environmental care should progress hand in hand.


  • Support for Local Tech Startups: Provide educational support, mentorship, and training for local tech startups, enhancing their technical and business skills. 
  • Employee Volunteerism in Education: Encourage and organize employee volunteering in educational initiatives, such as teaching computer skills or participating in career events. 



  • Sustainability Research and Collaboration: Offer research grants and engage in collaborations focusing on sustainable practices and technologies. 
  • Employee Volunteerism in Sustainability: Support employee participation in environmental projects and sustainability education initiatives. 


LuxProvide’s Vision and Commitment

Human-Centric Innovation

LuxProvide centers on people, engaging customers through design thinking and co-creation to ensure innovations meet real needs.

Brighter Future through Supercomputing

We harness supercomputing to solve complex challenges, advance science, promote sustainability, and support social responsibility, aiming for a better society.

Commitment to Security and Longevity

As a public entity, LuxProvide embodies resilience and security, essential for our clients’ and partners’ long-term success, reinforced by our strategic position in Luxembourg’s innovation landscape.

Trusted Partnership

Our operation within a Tier IV Data Center and ISO 27001 certification exemplifies our commitment to data security and sovereignty, ensuring client trust through strict local data storage policies in Luxembourg.


LuxProvide’s supercomputer MeluXina is a key element of Luxembourg’s data-driven innovation strategy, which aims to develop a sustainable and reliable digital economy.

MeluXina is installed in LuxConnect’s Data Center DC2 in Bissen (Luxembourg), which is powered by green energy and efficiently cooled by Kiowatt, a cogeneration plant fuelled by waste wood. LuxConnect is the first and one of only a tiny number of Data Center operators who offer truly carbon-neutral facilities, and it’s up at the cutting edge when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility.

With a

26.957GFlops/watt ratio,

MeluXina at its launch in 2021 was
ranked 1st in the Green500 list of the
500 most energy-efficient
supercomputers in the world.


PUE of the Data
Centers constantly
measured and

improvement plan
for Energy Efficiency
supervised by the
government agency

Waste heat from
servers used to heat
office space and
preheat diesel

Certified 100% Green
Electricity supplied from hydroelectric sources

Optimised use of
Free Cooling

Biomass recycling
representing a yearly
reduction in CO2 in
excess of 27,000
metric tons