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LuxProvide Supercomputing Capabilities


the Frontiers

of Digital Intelligence

Our mission is to fuse data science and supercomputing capabilities, ensuring accuracy, security, and sustainability for a thriving future.

LuxProvide MeluXina Supercomputing Capabilities


In June 2021, LuxProvide unveiled MeluXina, marking a significant leap in supercomputing. Designed for a broad range of complex, data-driven tasks, MeluXina embodies the future, blending simulation, modeling, data analytics, and artificial intelligence seamlessly.

Hosted on the advanced EVIDEN BullSequana XH2000 platform, it boasts a computing power of 18 PetaFlops per second, complemented by 20 PetaBytes of DDN storage. With its scalable, open architecture and the enhancement of GPU AI accelerators, MeluXina offers unmatched sustained performance, catalyzing innovation and breakthroughs in numerous fields.