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8 Reasons to Leverage
LuxProvide’s Supercomputing Excellence

1. Access to MeluXina:
A Top 5 European High-Performance Computing Resource

LuxProvide enables direct access to MeluXina, ranked among the top five High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities in Europe. Unlike traditional HPC access which is often limited to academic and research institutions, MeluXina offers enterprises direct access through commercial contracts. This approach simplifies the process for businesses seeking to leverage HPC capabilities for their computational needs.

MeluXina’s architecture leverages the best of CPU and GPU technologies to deliver efficiency and performance in processing complex computational tasks. This design ensures businesses can depend on MeluXina for executing high-speed, high-efficiency operations, leading to faster and more effective project outcome.


LuxProvide grants access to an extensive array of software packages, preinstalled on MeluXina including the leading open-source Large Language Models (LLMs). This enables clients to deploy, train, and develop proprietary AI models, leveraging MeluXina’s computational power for competitive advantage.

LuxProvide adheres to the highest standards of information security, as evidenced by its ISO/IEC 27001 certification. Clients benefit from dedicated physical zones within the HPC environment, ensuring data privacy and security. Additionally, data within these zones can be encrypted if required, offering an extra layer of protection. LuxProvide supports direct connections to client infrastructure, bypassing the internet to further secure data transfers. Hosted in a Tier IV data center, MeluXina guarantees maximum availability and security.

Meluxina high-performance computer ISO 27001 certification luxprovide
LuxProvide High-Performance Computing Luxembourg


LuxProvide High-Performance Computing Luxembourg


LuxProvide High-Performance Computing Luxembourg


Europe Luxembourg LuxProvide MeluXina High-Performance Computing

Located in Luxembourg, a country renowned for its strict data protection and privacy regulations, MeluXina offers a sovereign data environment. Clients are assured of the utmost in data protection and compliance with European data privacy standards.


LuxProvide’s team of experts in data science, numerical simulation, and AI ensures that clients have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the benefits of high-performance computing for their projects.

LuxProvide offers access to quantum simulators installed on MeluXina, allowing businesses to explore quantum computing. This provides an opportunity for companies to experiment with next-generation computing technologies, offering potential solutions to complex computational problems.

LuxProvide Quantum Meluxina high-performance computer quantum
LuxProvide MeluXina High-Performance Computing Capabilities

8. Ready-to-Deploy Solutions for Instant Benefits

Begin your journey to innovation with our pre-installed and pre-trained models, designed for immediate deployment. LuxProvide’s ready-to-use solutions enable you to swiftly transition from concept to execution, ensuring you maintain a competitive advantage.

Choosing LuxProvide and MeluXina means accessing one of Europe’s leading High-Performance Computing resources,
equipped with advanced computational technology, stringent security measures, and a comprehensive support system.
This enables businesses to advance their computational projects with efficiency, security, and compliance at the forefront.

Reach out to us now and let’s make it happen.


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