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Minister of Digitalization, Stéphanie Obertin, Visits LuxProvide

The Ministry of Digitalisation Visits LuxProvide

Bissen, Luxembourg  – In a significant development, Minister of Digitalization, Stéphanie Obertin, recently visited the premises of LuxProvide to witness firsthand the capabilities of their renowned supercomputer #Meluxina.

Part of the esteemed EuroHPC network, #Meluxina boasts an impressive maximum computing power of 18 petaflops. This cutting-edge infrastructure is made accessible to the public sector, researchers, and businesses, facilitating the processing of large datasets and the execution of complex computations.

During her visit, Minister Obertin underscored the vital role #Meluxina plays in advancing research and innovation within Luxembourg. She emphasized the importance of such infrastructure in driving digital transformation and fostering collaboration between public and private entities.