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Optimizing Satellites Performance

SES’s second-generation, high-performance satellite systems are software-driven and highly automated, and aim to provide connectivity services to millions of users. This means that the spectrum and transmission power of these satellites – whether O3b mPOWER satellites or SES-17 – must be continuously allocated in the most flexible and optimal way to maximize the performance of the system.

With MeluXina, SES was able to model and test various multi-orbit scenarios in real time, such as spectrum and power allocation, and define the optimal ways to use its communication services for the benefit of its customers. These will be able to serve millions of users around the world in telecommunications, Internet services, business and energy, connectivity on board ships and aircraft, and governments.

SES: Adapting to Growing User Demand
Increasingly More Flexibility, Power and Bandwidth Needed

Addressing the customer needs

Demand for power and bandwidth growing
(for telco, aero, government, mobility and more)

User traffic and mobile terminal position change over time,
with increasing adoption of connectivity on the move and cloud

Adapting technology to growing demand

A real-time software needs to optimise the network configuration continuously to operate efficiently

Algorithms are increasingly more complicated seeking a fast solution for best possible power, bandwidth and beam allocation


  • Geostationary Earth Orbit
  • ~200 user beams, fully configurable capacity
  • Bandwidth and power fully adaptable to user beams


  • Medium Earth Orbit
  • Configurable communication beams
  • Flexible bandwidth, power and beam location
Two satellites in a stacked configuration getting ready for delivery

MeluXina enables modelling of real-time satcom scenarios

  • Efficiency: complex bandwidth and power allocation – simultaneously and for multiple beams – to avoid satellite service interruption
  • Computational power: twice as fast as typical cloud computer resources
  • Reliability: secure environment for sensitive customer data
  • Flexibility: scalable to large network sizes
  • Access: Europe-based, accessible on short notice
  • Leading performance: among world’s top supercomputers
  • Green ranking: recognised as some of the most environmentally friendly supercomputers
Access to MeluXina’s capabilities enables real progress in innovation efforts in the field of satellites. Already before the launch of our second generation O3b mPOWER communication system, we were able to generate various optimization scenarios in order to design the best possible service for our customers.
Our new systems are based on software that uses complex algorithms and SES performs hundreds of tests that require high computing performance. With MeluXina, we can do this more efficiently and overcome the limitations of conventional computing capabilities.

Ferdinand Kayser, Strategic Advisor to the CEO of SES