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LuxProvide responds to the needs of customers with a new offering

LuxProvide offers a unique platform that combines data science and supercomputing resources to help organizations increase the ROI of their most challenging business innovation projects. What we deliver is insights for better decision-making through super-fast, ultra-powerful, secure by design, energy-efficient and environment-friendly technologies.

Luxembourg’s supercomputer, MeluXina, was launched in 2021 to support organizations in Luxembourg and the Grand Region to accelerate digital transformation and boost research and development processes. Unlike other national supercomputers, which are generally only accessible to public universities, any size company can use MeluXina .

Since day one, MeluXina has been broadly used for academic research projects as LuxProvide’s initial focus was on offering an infrastructure that helps reduce the computing time of solving large, complex problems. But, as more companies understand the benefits of supercomputing for analyzing large data sets more quickly, LuxProvide has seen increased demand from the commercial sector to make their services more accessible.

As a result, they are launching a platform with a more complete and diversified portfolio of services that will offer more value to these companies. In addition to the infrastructure, organizations can access the know-how of LuxProvide’s team – who specialize in machine learning, deep learning and digital simulation – to tackle specific business challenges. Together with the customer, they design AI and simulation models and co-create solutions that will help get the most value out of a data set. This new platform extracts the power of the most sophisticated algorithmic models, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions regardless of the size of the project. This approach can help them to achieve higher ROI from their innovation projects. Additionally, LuxProvide is ISO 27001 certified which means it offers a high level of security around data storage, and allows sovereignty of customers’ data.