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LuxProvide Launches Two New Programs to Empower Startups with Supercomputing Capabilities 

Bissen, Luxembourg, September 18, 2023 – LuxProvide, Luxembourg’s national HPC organization, is pleased to announce the launch of two innovative programs aimed at supporting startups in harnessing the power of supercomputing. As the organization responsible for the long-term operation of the MeluXina supercomputer, LuxProvide aims to offer startups a unique platform that combines data science and supercomputing resources to enhance their innovation projects and drive increased Return on Investment (ROI). 

LuxProvide recognizes the immense potential of supercomputing in revolutionizing various industries and enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions for enhanced growth. With the launch of these two new programs, LuxProvide aims to bridge the gap between startups and supercomputing capabilities, providing them with the necessary tools and support to unlock their full potential. 

The first program, “INITIATE,” is explicitly tailored for early-stage startups looking to refine their business ideas and prototyping with supercomputing. LuxProvide will grant these startups access to MeluXina and provide hands-on technical training, expert mentorship, and dedicated support to enable startups to effectively utilize the capabilities of MeluXina and leverage data insights for better decision-making. 

The second program, “CASHBACK 80%,” designed in partnership with Luxembourg’s Ministry of Economy, targets established startups aiming to scale up. Under this initiative, LuxProvide will offer selected startups significant supercomputing resources and also work closely with them, offering personalized consultations and guidance to maximize their use of supercomputing capabilities.  

In addition to its role as Luxembourg’s national HPC organization, LuxProvide is also a founding member of Luxembourg’s National Competence Centre for Supercomputing and a valuable part of the Euro HPC JU network, supporting the European ecosystem. Through these extensive partnerships, LuxProvide is able to tap into a wider network of resources, expertise, and collaborative opportunities to further drive innovation in the field of supercomputing. 

LuxProvide recognizes the pivotal role that startups play in driving innovation and economic growth, and we are committed to providing them with the necessary tools and support to succeed. Through our programs, startups will gain access to cutting-edge supercomputing resources, enabling them to accelerate their research and business goals

Filipe Pais, CCSO of LuxProvide

LuxProvide invites startups interested in participating in these programs to visit their website or contact them at ul.px1721854228l@sel1721854228as1721854228 . This is an incredible opportunity for startups to leverage supercomputing capabilities and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.