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LuxProvide Awards MeluXina Coup de Coeur to SpaceTime at CYEL Gala

Bissen, Luxembourg. At the CYEL Gala Awards, LuxProvide attributed the MeluXina Coup de Coeur to SpaceTime, a dynamic start-up founded in 2019 with a mission to capture physical spaces at different points in time, revolutionizing the creation of 4D renderings.

As a firm supporter of start-ups and young entrepreneurs, LuxProvide takes immense pride in partnering with the Junior Chamber International’s 2023 CYEL (Creative Young Entrepreneurs Luxembourg) Gala Awards. The MeluXina Coup de Coeur prize comprises a one-year free-of-charge package that includes access to consulting, infrastructure resources, and user support. 

The selection process for the candidates was rigorous, with LuxProvide meticulously evaluating contenders based on a range of criteria, including the value proposition, business model, clarity of problem-solving, and the effectiveness of the go-to-market plan. Notably, LuxProvide, with its commitment to offering a platform that combines data science expertise and supercomputing capabilities, considered an additional criterion for the Coup de Coeur: the solution needs to have a strong focus on capturing and processing data, with a potential for a strong collaboration with LuxProvide.  

Upon close evaluation, LuxProvide acknowledged SpaceTime’s highly innovative solution and significant investments in advancing technologies such as: automated data capture, new types of data captured, and automated data processing through artificial intelligence. This made SpaceTime the perfect match for LuxProvide’s MeluXina Coup de Coeur.