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CSR label luxprovide

LuxConnect and LuxProvide’s Joint CSR Certification: A Milestone in Sustainability

Since the creation of the company in 2006, LuxConnect acts in compliance with the general principles of corporate social responsibility, whether at the economic, social or environmental level.

This year was a special one for us, as LuxProvide was audited together with us for the first time. Indeed, as a daughter-company, LuxProvide had to be fully included in our CSR strategy. This is why the management of both companies made a joint commitment through an official declaration on our strategy.

An ESR team made up of people from both entities has been set up and has begun to collaborate on joint projects. This certification – the third for LuxConnect and the first for LuxProvide – validates our commitment to sustainability and responsible practices and is also recognized by the label Responsibility Europe. In addition, we received a special mention for our very high level of maturity in our material areas, particularly in terms of data protection and energy management. This encourages us to continue our efforts and achieve new sustainable goals in the years to come!

Our next challenge will be to implement and monitor a common CSR governance system, but also to improve communication with and towards our stakeholders in order to professionalize the way we draw up our annual action plans.