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Data Design Engineering and LuxProvide join forces signing a technological agreement

LuxProvide and Data Design Engineering proudly announce that they have recently signed a technological agreement  that will have a strong impact on their offering and output.

The agreement defines a framework for the functioning of scientific, technological and commercial activities for cooperating and meeting common objectives in education, science, research and technology development.

DDE will be able to refine their AI-driven technologies at an unprecedented precision and LuxProvide will leverage the technology and collaboration to offer end-to-end solutions to large scale data problems.

LuxProvide hosts Luxembourg’s world-class cloud enabled supercomputer, MeluXina.

Meluxina has been built to serve a large variety of complex, data-driven computational workloads. Its design is forward- looking, responding to the convergence of simulation, modeling, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and, through this collaboration, enabling AI-driven cloud computing and advanced simulations by predictive analytics. As the most powerful of the Petascale systems in the EuroHPC network and one of the fastest supercomputers in Europe, it provides a robust platform for science and industry. With 18 PFlops of computing, 21 PB of storage, and HDR 200G interconnect resources, in June 2021, MeluXina has been ranked 37th in Top500 and it is the greenest supercomputer in the EU and 4th greenest in the world.

This cooperation will complete LuxProvide and DDE’s shared vision for cutting-edge services and products that can shape their customers’ visions into reality via data-driven technologies and AI.

About DDE

Founded in 2014 in Seoul, Korea, and later expanding establishments to various countries such as China, Singapore, Hong Kong and now, Luxembourg, Data Design Engineering creates data-driven custom AI solutions and services to support initiatives and global organisations in various aspects to make a better future.