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supercomputing day 2024 luxembourg

Supercomputing Day 2024: A Successful Convergence of Industry and Academic Leaders

Supercomputing Day 2024: A Thrilling Convergence of Industry and Academic Leaders

Today, the 2024 Supercomputing Day brought together industry and academic leaders for an inspiring and transformative event at LUXEXPO THE BOX during NEXUS2050 in Kirchberg, Luxembourg. Organized by Supercomputing Luxembourg, the National Competence Centre, with the support of EuroCC2 and Women in High-Performance Computing, this event showcased the latest advancements and future trends in high-performance computing.

Event Highlights:

The day began with energizing opening remarks from Ralf Hustadt and Lynn Rosa Andre of Luxinnovation, setting a collaborative and innovative tone for the event.

Keynote on Global Supercomputing: Arnaud Lambert (LuxProvide) and Josephine Wood (EuroHPC) delivered a compelling keynote on “The Future Landscape of Global Supercomputing.” Lambert shared insights on supercomputing trends over the years, noting Europe’s growing importance in the field since 1998. He emphasized the broader applications and impact of supercomputers today, stating, “Supercomputers have been there for ages, specifically for governments through to large groups. But now the applications, so the impact of supercomputers, are actually much wider and are really getting to the everyday life.” He also highlighted the future diversity in supercomputing needs by 2050, remarking, “There is one thing for 2050 that is clear one size won’t fit all. We are going to have to super large machines like we have already today, and we are going to have the midscale machines connected because we have different needs for different purposes.”

Josephine Wood elaborated on Europe’s efforts to expand access for SMEs, the public sector, and researchers. She stressed the importance of maximizing the use of supercomputing systems, stating, “We will definitely continue to expand access because we really cannot afford to have the systems lying empty. That’s what we’re really pushing for: to make sure that all our systems work at full capacity.”

Women in HPC: A keynote on “Women in HPC” featured inspiring talks by Silvana Belegu (EUMaster4HPC), Diem BUI (LuxProvide), and Anna Lührs (Forschungszentrum Jülich), moderated by Lynn Rosa Andre (Luxinnovation). This session highlighted the significant contributions of women in high-performance computing and the importance of diversity in the tech industry. Key takeaways included the necessity of gender equality for varied perspectives and enhanced problem-solving, the productivity of gender-balanced teams, and the critical role of encouraging and empowering women in HPC for future innovation and progress.

Quantum Computing Potential: After a networking coffee break, participants delved into “Real-World Applications of Quantum Computing” during a panel discussion with Riad Aggoune (LIST), Matteo Barborini (University of Luxembourg), Alban Rousset (LuxProvide), and Francesco Bongiovanni. The session highlighted quantum computing’s limitless potential to revolutionize industries and solve complex problems.

HPC in Finance: The afternoon sessions included a case study on “Supercomputing for Finance” by Amanda Kautz (ABBL), Jean François Therminaux (FTL), Maxime Hoscheck (EIB), Filipe Pais (LuxProvide), and Ajay Bali (EY). They discussed how HPC transforms finance with rapid data analysis, complex computations, and secure AI-driven decision-making. Experts emphasized that embracing AI is now essential for financial institutions, not just for efficiency but for survival and innovation. AI technologies are enhancing everything from fraud detection to personalized services, transforming the industry.

A crucial aspect highlighted was the importance of hybrid cloud solutions. By exploring public and private cloud infrastructures, institutions can ensure data security while leveraging the immense computational power needed for AI. This approach allows for the safe and efficient handling of sensitive data, making it a vital strategy for the finance sector. Another significant point was the need for collaboration between IT and business teams. Successful deployment of AI solutions requires input and cooperation from both sides, ensuring that the technology meets the needs of the business and maximizes its potential.

HPC and Startups: During the Supercomputing Day 2024 panel, experts explored how high-performance computing (HPC) is revolutionizing the startup ecosystem in Luxembourg. Philippe Linster (House of Startups), Jonas Mercier (Ministère de l’Économie – Luxembourg), Vittorio Santonocito (LuxProvide), Michele Gallo (Ministry of the Economy), and Sven Baltes (Luxinnovation) discussed key takeaways including the collaboration and support from the Ministère de l’Économie – Luxembourg, Luxinnovation, and the House of Startups Luxembourg, which are driving initiatives like Fit4Start and HPC cashback programs to support startups with innovative tech solutions. The real-world impact of HPC was evident as startups leverage supercomputing for diverse applications, from forestry management to satellite data analysis, showcasing the versatility and power of HPC. The future vision highlighted Luxembourg’s national roadmap focused on scaling up, making it a hub for HPC-driven innovation through key investments in infrastructure, talent development, and international collaborations.

HPC in Space and Earth Sciences: Another case study on “Supercomputing for Space and Earth Sciences” featured Albert Abelló (Hydrosat), David Reguad (LMO Space), Guy Schumann (RSS-Hydro), Luis Vela (Spire), and moderated by Farouk Mansouri (LuxProvide). This session discussed how HPC revolutionizes space and Earth sciences by enabling advanced data processing and analysis.

Life Sciences Revolution: A highlight of the afternoon was the keynote on “Revolutionizing Life Sciences with Meluxina” by Alexandre Tkatchenko (UNI.LU), exploring the impact of supercomputing on genomics, bioinformatics, and personalized medicine.

AI Acceleration with HPC: The day concluded with a panel on “AI Acceleration with HPC,” featuring Mariana Clare (ECMWF), Katya Kamlovskaya (LNDS), Joscha Krause (scrioo), Thomas Stiffer (IEE), and moderated by Valentin Plugaru (LuxProvide), followed by closing remarks from Ralf Hustadt and Lynn Rosa Andre (Luxinnovation).

Thank you to all participants and speakers for making the 2024 Supercomputing Day a resounding success.