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GAIA X and Luxprovide partnership

LuxProvide and Gaia-X Partner to Enhance Data Management and Innovation

Luxembourg, June 18, 2024 — LuxProvide, Luxembourg’s national supercomputing centre, has joined forces with GAIA-X, the European initiative dedicated to creating a secure data infrastructure. Their partnership is focused on enhancing data management and fostering innovation across diverse sectors.

LuxProvide supports initiatives across fields like earth observation, simulation, digital twins, and health sectors. The organization emphasizes the critical role of effective data management in achieving project success.

By joining forces with GAIA-X, LuxProvide aims to enhance GAIA-X’s framework with its supercomputing capabilities, ensuring secure data usage across Europe.

“As a national supercomputing center, we want to contribute our expertise to GAIA-X, enhancing collaboration, driving innovation, and ensuring secure and efficient data use,” said the CEO of LuxProvide, Arnaud Lambert.

The partnership marks a significant step forward in Europe’s digital transformation journey. It underscores the importance of secure and efficient data management in fostering innovation and achieving impactful results in various domains.